What Documentation is Required to Begin Short Sale?

What Documentation is Required to Begin Short Sale?

By visiting our website, and reading this page you have taken the first, and most important step: reaching out to Short Sale specialists with the know-how to successfully complete the short sale of your home.

In order to determine your eligibility for a short sale please complete our Short Sale Pre-Qualification questionnaire.  If our team determines that you and your property pre-qualify for a short sale, you will need to provide the following documentation:

  • A hardship letter detailing your financial situation and why you need the short sale
  • Proof of your income and assets (W2’s and/or 1099’s and 2 most recent pay period paystubs)
  • Copies of your federal income tax returns for the past two years (and copy of your extension for current year, if applicable)
  • Recent Mortgage Statements for all Liens
  • Borrower Financial Statement (provided to you upon completion of short sale pre-qualification)
  • Authorization letter(s) permitting us to communicate directly with your lender(s) (provided to you upon completion of short sale pre-qualification )
  • Any foreclosure correspondence from lender(s)

Success in a short sale relies on 3 primary areas of expertise: Pricing, Paperwork, and Persistence. Before you list with any agent you need to know that he or she is skilled in all three areas. Otherwise, you could end up in foreclosure despite your best efforts.

To learn the 3 secrets to short sale success, simply call us at 310-459-8191 x977,  or email info@wsprops.com.

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