Sell your Home in 30 days

Sell your Home in 30 days

Selling your home is one of the biggest financial decisions of your lifetime. The process can be daunting, with many anxiety producing questions that need to be answered. Choosing the best Realtor to market and sell your home can make all the difference, turning a too often painful process into a positive experience. As your Realtor team, we will showcase your home to its fullest potential, market it effectively, work hard to bring the right buyers to the table and help you negotiate the very best price  in the least amount of time.  

THE MARKET:  As a top real estate team on the Westside of Los Angeles, we analyze the value of real estate each day, often seeing upwards of 40 homes per week.  This will  help you better understand the current  real estate market and  how your home matches up with what buyers are looking for.  

YOUR GOALS:   We’ll discuss your goals in selling your home and the strategies most likely to deliver the desired outcome. Maximizing price or selling fast may require different strategies, so lets talk it through.

PREPARATION: We’ll evaluate the condition, value and location of your home to determine if any changes should be made. Some of the most effective changes you can make don’t take a lot of cash, just some effort.

SHINE  ONLINE:  Your home will be plugged-in and connected… just like the buyers.  In a recent study of home buyers aged 22-49, a staggering  95%  use the internet as their primary tool to discover and evaluate which homes they are going to see. Our mastery of technology and digital marketing ensures your home will outshine the competition online . Let us show you how we can leverage technology to keep your home in front of  real buyers.

COMMUNICATION:   We’ll keep you informed of our efforts to sell your home. We are commited to providing you with ongoing, consistent communication on showing and market activity. Want to know how the market sees your property? We’ll help you analyze the data to position your home as a top choice for buyers.

QUALITY:  Everything we do to prepare, market and negotiate the sale of your home is done with the greatest of care and professionalism. If you or a friend could benefit from this level of service and would like to work with us, drop us a note or call. Lets talk about your real lestate goals and see if its a good fit… for both of us!


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