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Serra Retreat

Malibu’s Serra Retreat neighborhood doesn’t enjoy the same high-profile as the Malibu Colony, and that’s just the way the approximate 96 homeowners there like it. Both neighborhoods are gated and both count A-list celebrities among their residents. But that’s about where the similarities end.

While the Colony homes are oceanfront or ocean view, they tend to be smaller, closer together, and despite what the guards at the gate would have you believe, many of the residents seek out the publicity they purport to shun. The Colony is about seeing and being seen. It’s where big summer parties are held and the cache of owning or renting a home there has huge name-dropping appeal.

Serra Retreat has a lot to offer homeowners where lot sizes are frequently measured in acres, the homes more original in style and residents are more serious about keeping a low-profile, at least at home. It’s where Kelsey Grammer and Mel Gibson have their family compounds, as well as some of Hollywood’s top producers, directors and agents.

Serra Retreat Homes for Sale & Lease

Serra Retreat is a distinctive neighborhood discreetly nestled on the land side of Pacific Coast Highway, yet still in the heart of Malibu, just across from the iconic Malibu Pier. The architecturally diverse homes and estates located behind Serra’s 24-hour guarded entrances are appealing to those seeking to create a home within its lush and verdant surroundings.


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