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Encinal Bluffs

Malibu-Beach-California-BluffsThe Encinal Bluffs in Malibu neighborhood lies west of Broad Beach and El Matador State Beach and south of Charmlee Wilderness Park. Here you will find large homes on acreage, true estates. The first sale of a Malibu home for more than $10 million was an Encinal Bluffs estate, which was sold in 1997. Addresses here are on PCH(Pacific Coast Highway) in the 32000-33000 range. The Encinal Bluffs community is a haven for vacation renters. Some estates demand close to $100,000 USD per month!

One of the most expensive homes in Encinal Bluffs is the 20,000 square foot mansion on seven acres once owned by Herbalife founder Mark Hughes. Purchased  for $27 million in 1999 and then the estate sold again in September 2001 for $31 million (then the highest sale ever in Malibu) after Hughes’ untimely death. The 13-bathroom home has slightly over 300 feet of private beach and a spectacular guarded entrance gate near Decker Canyon Road and PCH. Originally built in 1993 for Verna Harrah, movie producer and widow of the casino entrapreneur Bill Harrah, who died in 1978.

Another noteworthy estate, The “Gunther House,” by famed architect Frank Gehry, was built on the Encinal Bluffs in 1978. Other top celebrities who have had homes in the coveted Encinal Bluffs locale include  Katherine Ross, former Disney CEO Michael Eisner, and Julia Roberts. Roberts purchased her estate for over $20 million.

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