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Hot Trends for Luxe Homes in 2017

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Whether you live in the most luxurious house on the block or you want to up the ante when it comes to high-end amenities, redecorating or renovating can add new comforts and conveniences while creating an ambience of sophisticated elegance. Looking for ideas? Let us help you get started.

Satin Brass Finish

In recent years, warmer golden-toned metals have unseated stainless steel as the high-end kitchen appointment of choice. Though polished brass has reigned for the past few years, consider satin or brushed brass for your next kitchen remodel. Not only does it suffuse the space with warmth, it also looks great with almost any color scheme. The matte look will also carry over to appliances, as well as other items where it makes sense to highlight structure and design.

High-Lacquered Wood

While hardwood floors and finishes are a tried-and-true timeless classic, they look most up to date this year with a polished, lacquered look that shines. This fits well with the overall movement toward a sleek, minimal aesthetic. The new way to showcase high-lacquered wood is with large wall panels that hide cabinetry to increase utility while adding texture and depth.

Quartz, Marble, and Butcher Block Counters

While granite countertops have long been a kitchen mainstay, high-end homeowners are passing this classic by in favor of quartz, marble, and butcher block countertops. Although they may seem too beautiful for practical use, these eye-catching choices are easy to maintain and look great for years.

Eclectic Furnishings

If you’re designing your decor with a specific theme or time period in mind, consider mixing it up by incorporating items from other eras as well. By drawing from multiple sources of inspiration, you’ll add modern flair to a space that might otherwise look stuffy.

Collapsible Window Walls

In a strategy to create a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor space, these walls adorn a family room or great room with panes of clear glass that retract at the push of a button, immediately expanding living space onto an outdoor seating area, kitchen, fire pit, or even pool. This is a luxurious option if you love to entertain and tend to spend just as much time outdoors as in.

Smart Home Automation

Perhaps the biggest trend in luxury homes this year, smart technology allows your home to actually learn your habits and adjust systems accordingly. From LED wall pads to adjust lighting, sound, and temperature to high-end infrared security systems that stream directly to your phone, the most stylish homes are wired for convenience and entertainment.

In the end, if you love it — do it. Luxury is about being surrounded by the things you love, whether that be comfort, art, or top-notch technology. The goal is to feel like you’re on vacation, even when you’re at home.

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