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Malibu Local Coastal Land Use Plan

City of Malibu Local Coastal Program Land Use Plan. The City of Malibu, which incorporated on March 28, 1991, lies entirely within the
State designated Coastal Zone and extends approximately 25 miles from theVentura County Line on the west to Topanga Canyon Boulevard on the east.
Inland, the City’s Coastal Zone boundary extends approximately 2 miles and includes portions of the coastal terrace and slopes of the Santa Monica
The shoreline along the City of Malibu Coastal Zone contains sandy beaches, bluff backed crescent coves, and rocky headlands. The inland portion generally contains the major canyon s and watersheds of the mountain range. The canyons constitute the natural drainages that run down toward the Pacific from the mountain peaks, located both within and outside of the unincorporated Los Angeles County Santa Monica Mountains Coastal Zone and the interior valleys.
The marine, canyon, and watershed environment westward of Malibu Canyon Road to the Ventura County line is in a relatively undisturbed state. The slopes
and hillsides are dominated by coastal sage scrub and chaparral vegetation and large areas of riparian habitat in the canyons. Along the coast, kelp beds are found, providing habitat for many species of sea life. The natural environment from the Civic Center eastward has suffered some biological degradation.
Grading and develop ment have eliminated native hillside vegetation in some areas, portions of creeks have been channelized, and kelp beds have largely
diminished or disappeared but reef and rock zones still provide habitat for many species of fish.

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